I cannot believe we are into the month of October already and the shops are selling Christmas tree’s already! Yet before we know it, it will be upon us; and we will be saying “Gosh it came upon us so fast!” I am not a Christian, so do not celebrate the Christian holiday, but I do celebrate the season, without the church visits and ritual of the Christian celebration. Growing up I was a Christian and each season of Christmas would attend church, carol sing on the street and at people’s doors. I lived in England then and it would be a cold season, often with snow. It has for me, warm memories of family gatherings, church visits, the tree each year, only plastic, but looking so real, and a wonderful Christmas dinner cooked by our mother. I lived in England until 1971 when I went to Germany and I missed Christmas by a few weeks. I remember, it was cold, but I got to experience the celebration by the German people of their Christmas. (the houses never drew their curtains so that all their Christmas decorations would be seen; it was the same in the Netherlands.) The Christmas period is still in my mind even now, so many years later. For years I thought it was about the presents, how many we had, and of course when I had my own children, it was even better; we did not have much money, in fact very little, but I always managed to fill their pillowcases with toys and candy each year; often doing Christmas shopping after Christmas for the next holiday season. The children always had a good Christmas “stocking.” When I became metaphysical I of course left Christianity behind, but still enjoyed the holiday season, and when the children had left the home, still had a tree and celebrated the holiday season even though my then husband did not.

As I began to change and especially after Maitreya came into my life, I became aware of the amount of money spent on this time of year. I would watch the frenzy as just before the holiday season, usually in December, people would suddenly become aware it was the holiday season in 3-4 weeks and panic would set in followed by mad spending; usually on the credit card! Thinking about it one year, Maitreya came into my energy and put into my thoughts, it was not the amount of money spent, but the gift of giving that people appreciated more than any expensive gift. I really was not spending time or energy then on the holiday season, the children had left home and had their own friends and way of celebrating the holiday season; my then husband had no interest in the holiday season, although he bought me a gift after the season and would call it an ” un-holiday season gift.” It was often an item for my kitchen which I am ashamed to say was not received very well, this Venus ruled Libra wanted perfume or silk lingerie lol! When in 2004 I went to the USA with Alan, it was the 23rd of December, and the shops and streets were decorated with decorations, houses festooned with lights, shops lit up and special events held such as street fairs, people could go out and spend some wonderful time watching street pageants and special events. I was smitten and went back to childhood and to Christmas once again. I bought a few Christmas ornaments that year, the following year a small tree, and later on for our business, a big tree with some beautiful decorations. Each year the trees would go up, along with a wreath on the door, one year Alan bought some lights for outside the house, the holiday season was celebrated in style, we would invite close friends for dinner on December 25th, it was a magical time and once again took me back to my childhood days.

Last year, we went to Australia, it was a hot windy holiday season, I got to see family, my son, his wife and children for a few days and because my youngest daughter was going to New Zealand for the holiday season, and had booked her trip early in that year, I only got to see her and her husband and children for 3 hours, but at least I got to see them. With the wonderful technology of Skype I was able to talk with my oldest daughter in Spain. In 2006, I discovered I was very artistic and began making my own holiday Season cards, and until last year when I could not make them due to being overseas. I really missed making them. for some of my friends they became collectors items; they were so treasured. So this year I am making them again, but instead of buying gifts for the few personal people we know, I have decided to make something, either cookies, or something similar. I truly believe we have lost the real meaning of giving, it is not as I wrote before, about the amount spent, but about the giving, of thinking of a person and giving them a gift of something YOU have made, even a holiday season card, to let them know you care. One Christmas as a small child my Christmas presents were, a large doll’s baby carriage, it was very expensive, and a tin watch, what did I play with? Why the tin watch of course, we ended up selling the carriage for a quarter of its worth! If you receive a card from Alan and I this holiday season, just know it is firstly made with love, and secondly we wish to send you a greeting and let you know we care about you. After all, that is what the season of giving is all about. Think also about making something for those you love, even if you buy them a present, I bet you they will appreciate the home made gift far better than the bought gift, and you will feel so wonderful you were able to give something made with love!