Once a year I write on this subject and will continue to do so as long as I live; it is the subject of remuneration for the services we provide. For some reason, when one works as a medium/channel there is a real problem in people understanding we work for a living and have the same, if not more living expenses as everyone else. The information we give is often invaluable to those who receive it and we work very hard for our living. In the beginning I did not have a fee for my services and charged ‘by donation only;’ but after only one reading which took an hour and fifteen minutes, in which the person gave me an Australian one dollar coin, a voice spoke to me and said “is that all you are worth?” The following week, my advertisement had a $20 fee. That was over 30 years ago, and since that time I have become very adept at my art, becoming a magazine columnist, radio clairvoyant, Keynote speaker and an author of five books. I AM good at what I do, I have over 30 years’ experience in the art of medium ship, teaching, and 22 years experience in astrology. Over the years I have had the same problem with those wanting advice and guidance, they either think it should be free, or they complain it is too expensive. Maitreya my teacher has told me to put a worth on myself, something I found hard to do in the early days of my career. I only wish people could experience what we who are mediums/channels go through first of all to do what we do, and then channel the energy and have to dissipate it after the client has gone. The client usually feels so wonderful after having the reading they almost float out of the door, we on the other hand have usually taken their burdens and woes from them, we are empath’s trained to take from the client all the emotions and feelings they have carried around for a long time. THEN we have to clear it from our systems. Sometimes if we are teaching a course, we can take a week to clear the energy and be normal again.

From day one, everything I earned apart from living expenses paid for the work in promoting Maitreya and his teachings. It paid for airfares, accommodation, expenses, and other costs, there was always what we needed for what we were doing, whether it was an overseas trip or something we needed for the office or home, but I had to work for it. In the beginning, I did 40 readings a week plus a few past life sessions, a magazine column and a radio show (which I did for free because I loved doing radio). I honestly do not know how I did it, but I have always had boundless energy and I know it was that reason I could do what I did. As I became more successful I financed an office and then a spiritual center. I look back at the money spent over all those years and were I not doing what I was doing and earned the same money, I could be living like a Hollywood movie star in a huge mansion with my own plane. I chose not to live like that though. I have always had nice homes where I have lived, but certainly not mansions. I would not change it either, for what I have done has been my passion! I remember when I first began teaching the Masters course in 1997, a friend I had made in my visit to LA and San Diego in 1996, told me I would be returning in October 1997 to teach a course there. I told her I could not afford to travel and do the course, she told me “wait and see.” On the course I was teaching at that time, the students asked me if I would be doing an Advanced course, as at that time the course I was doing was a Beginners course. I told them I had no idea, and if they wanted another course, to leave me their names. At the end of course, all of the students had registered for the next course, not only that, it was February at that time, and they wanted it in September. It suddenly dawned on me I would have the money I needed to travel to the USA to teach the course, once again, what I needed was there, but I had to work for it!

Over the years I tried to keep my fee’s for my work down, but came to realize early on, clearing the energy of those who came, took its toll on my health and I found it hard to work every day, I needed a day in between to get over the clearing. If I did a course, I would need a month to recover from channeling the course, and providing the energy for change. I needed to earn enough to support the work, and myself and also pay expenses for travel; rental cars etc. I have always given above what others give, for instance I always give 3 or 6 questions after the reading, in case the client needs advice after they have left the reading and am always available for students long after their courses. It is the way I like to do things, but I still have people who think I charge too much. Recently after my last course, I spent almost every day for 3 months writing to a graduate student who needed questions answered, I could have told them, the course was over, but that is not me, and I loved every minute of helping the person. If you are considering having a reading, or having teaching with someone, do take into account their worth, and their need to earn a living. Please think of their expenses for living and for travel, hotels are not cheap, often they have to hire a car while visiting, and then meals and general expenses also have a cost to them. They do not sit there hovering over their money with gloating faces, often like Alan and I, our costs for travel and Maitreya’s work have to be supplemented by money from our own pockets. I will never turn anyone down who genuinely needs help, but oh, we would be so much better off, if those who have had free services, astrology charts had kept their promise of “when I get back on my feet I will make a donation, or pay you for what we have had!” Since working with Maitreya I have done more than 3,000 free healing requests, we only chose a few years ago to make a charge for the healing energy used.

Yes, there are those out there who DO as we say rip people off, but I am not one of those, I am a professional in my field and work hard to give you the answers you are looking for. Sometimes I cannot do that but I will give you solutions, which are given to me by those in the spirit world I work with, often from Maitreya. Please take into account we are professionals who have studied hard to learn our trade. Years of study, the costs of courses if we have taken them, all add up, as Maitreya has said; “A laborer is worthy of his/her hire.” So the next time you visit a medium/channel give them the respect they have earned, do not think you are being ripped off, or taken for a ride, every cent of what you pay will be used for their work, and they will work hard for it. They are human just like you, and like you need to earn a living to live and pay their accounts, just like you do.