In the very beginning of my work with Maitreya, he told me not to wait for things, to buy things, visit people, take a holiday etc. I was a woman who would always be looking for the next ‘deal’ I would have an item in mind, but was always waiting for the next better model; it was the same with letting go of things, I found it very hard to let go of anything, what if I needed it in the future? As the years passed, in my readings I would have clients whose loved ones would contact them through me, and many times, those who came back to give a message, would express how sad they were at not doing what they should have done, whether it was taking time out for a holiday with their loved ones, buying a house they knew would be perfect, or buying an item they needed, but could not make a decision about! There seemed to be a recurring theme also, and that was the word “When!”

“When I have the money;” (they already had the money but were reluctant to spend it) “When our ship comes in;” (they won or came into a large amount of money) and many other excuses. In all of my years working with clients and listening to those from the next world, the biggest feeling I dealt with was regret! Regrets about so many things they should have done and did not do due mainly to fear. Recently, my husband Alan wanted to buy a new vacuum cleaner; the one we had was a cheap department store model, bought very cheaply over ten years ago and now no longer doing the job it should do. For over a year, he constantly talked about “When our ship comes in” or in other words, when we got the money to buy one. Finally I told him, if he spoke like that, we would never get a new one, never mind the one we wanted which was a top of the line model. We had found we had some money we did not know about, or had not had to spend it where we thought; I felt it was meant to buy the vacuum cleaner, but once again he used the old words, “when our ship comes in” I told him go buy it, the money we just found, was given to us to buy it!

Why do we say these things? Why do we hesitate and wait when we HAVE the money? I believe it is because we do not live in the moment; we do not live as if today were our last day on earth. If we did live in the moment, as if this was our last day on earth, we would spend the money and get what we needed, with not living in the moment, there are other days to wait for, to put things off too, and often feel guilty because we desire it. The next time you hesitate about spending the money, and you have the money to spend, ask yourself, “If this was my last few weeks on earth, would I purchase it?” nine times out of ten, it will be yes to the question. So many people could change their life path for the better by not procrastinating, by going with the flow, but hesitation can stop their hopes, wishes and dreams, as well as the lives of others. I remember when my children were very young and my then husband and myself had the opportunity to send them to a camp for the summer. I was working and it would have been perfect for me. Also, they wanted to go. I could not decide to send them and in the end I chose not to send them. That summer was terrible, the children were bored, and they interfered with our working hours, I wished every day I had sent them to the camp, they would have had so much fun, but all I could think of was the money I needed to spend to send them; money we had and could afford, but of course my thoughts were, what if? What if something happened and we needed the money, what if I lost my job, what if, what if, what if!!

I am sure many of you reading this will identify with what I am writing about; it is not easy letting go, for those who are a Libra Sun, Moon, or Ascendant, it is harder because you have the Libra tendency to question not only everything you do, but also to procrastinate even more. “Should I; should I not?” – These are your constant thoughts! Personally, I have found that if I spend the money, either more comes in, or what I have spent is replaced, but it is the fear of “what if” that causes the problem. I cannot tell you what to do, but I will stress, you will feel so much better if you do what you are considering about, you really will.