Understanding the Purpose of Life and How to Play with It

Saturday March 5th, 10am – 2pm (PST), $30/person

Due to the global pandemic, the past two years have been difficult and challenging for everyone on the earth plane. Many people’s’ lives have been affected drastically as if it is beyond anyone’s imagination and control. Fear and insecurity have become a formidable force that is controlling and influencing our media, society, and our daily lives due to the infection and death caused by the Coronavirus. Many people are living in pure survival mode, but in the same token, many people are starting to ask questions; Why is this happening to me/us? What is this really all about? How can I cope with my situation the best I can? Many are starting to search for the purpose of their existence on the Earth Plane at this time.

If you are searching for answers about your life and your life purpose, this workshop may assist you to find what you are searching for. Each of us is a soul on the journey of soul evolution. Each of us has chosen this life to work out our karma, deal with past life issues, release past life energy, and learn our life lessons. Throughout our life, we are attracted energetically and karmically to the very people and situations, which will compel us to confront our true motives, intentions, and purpose for being. These interactions are meant to bring out the stuff we are really made of, which are aspects of life our lower-self wants to keep hidden away. This process is the journey we’ve chosen for our soul evolution. However, most of us do not understand the complexity or dynamics of the path we’ve chosen for our learning, and it therefore creates intense emotions of fear, anger, insecurity, and doubt, etc. This causes us to get lost in the confusion and uncertainty of the everyday events of life. As a result, most of us are most likely caught up in the illusion and game of life, unable to fulfill our destiny, because we don’t know or understand the rules of the game.

This workshop is designed to address the above-mentioned areas in your life through the essence of Maitreya’s teachings. This will help you understand you and your life from a metaphysical perspective. In this webinar you will learn:

  • The purpose of life
  • Your life within your environment and circumstances
  • The keys to unlock the myth about you and your life
  • How Astrology, Past Life Energy and Karma affect every aspect of your life
  • Understanding reality, how to play and deal with it
  • Master your life and live it to its full potential.

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We will create a special Facebook discussion group to enable you to post your questions and interact within the group as you commence your journey to self-discovery.

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