Do you know who you truly are?

Do you know your life purpose, destiny?

Do you know your karma, past lives and past life energy?

Do you know the lessons you have chosen to learn in this life and the lessons you will learn again?

Why do you have difficulties in finance, relationship, marriage, health and career, etc.? How can you change them?

The In-depth astrology reading can help you find these answers. By reading your natal chart, the in-depth astrology reading can help you understand your life purpose, life path and destiny, your life lessons, and past life issues you have chosen to deal with in this incarnation. It will assist you to explore your talents and to understand you, your life and the environment you are in. It will help you see more clearly about the source of your current fears, intensive emotions, life challenges, difficulties and problems, and you will grow from recognizing them as a soul.

At the end of the reading, you will have more clarity and a much better understanding of how to live your own life according to your life plan, and how you can take full charge of your life to create a positive path forward without fear. It is very personal, unique, liberating and transformative. It will assist you to create and to experience a better tomorrow.

The in-depth astrology reading will be one to one and a half hours long. It will be recorded. The recording file will immediately be sent to you so that you can relisten to it repeatedly. You can ask 3 follow up questions over the next 3 months.

The fee that is charged for the reading is $160 USD. You can book the reading by following the link below. Thank you!

Jean’s Bio

Jean Luo is a graduate student of Maitreya ( and his channel Margaret McElroy. She has been working with and was trained by Margaret/Maitreya for the past 16 years. Maitreya’s teachings are simple and practical – to be true and honest to yourself and become your own master of your life. Through practicing Margaret/Maitreya’s teaching essences, her life has been completely transformed and she has changed to be a better person.  She has found her true passion in service to Spirit and humanity. Her true passion is assisting souls who are searching for answers about who they are, their life purpose and who are asking for help to make a better and happier life. She often refers to the teachings of Maitreya as “Wisdom for Today, Answers for Tomorrow”.

Jean does in depth astrological readings and medical astrology readings. She also does past life regression, color readings and healing. Jean conducts her spiritual guidance utilizing astrology, past life regression, color healing, emotion code healing and flower essence healing to help people release their blocked energy and to assist them to move on with their life with a better understanding.

Jean teaches meditation, mediumistic courses, color and healing, metaphysics, astrology, and does one-on-one private study. For more information, please visit To contact Jean, email her at

The reading and consultation can be done in person, by phone or via Skype. The session is $160 USD.

Once your consultation is complete, you will also be able to ask 3 post consultation questions that may arise over the next 3 months. You will receive a digital recording of this session.


Jean, Thank you so much for reading! Wow it really helps put it all into perspective. It helped me better understand and find things to grow within. – MAS, WA, USA

Dear Jean, thank you for those special days in Iceland in October. I have been listening to your interpretation of my natal chart on my phone and I have found it explains a lot about my life and why some things, especially feelings and opinions of mine throughout all my life.

I have already taken some actions on being more independent and doing things more on my one. So, I have something to look forward to. – KE, Iceland

Anyone looking for an amazing Astrologer?? I just had a reading from my dear friend Jean Luo and OH MY GOSH!!!! She was phenomenal!! The grace and intuition paired with practical astrological placement. There were things that Cameron and I had been discussing about my life path and things that I am going through that she was able to not only see in my chart but able to intuitively pick up the details… I strongly recommend contacting Jean if you would like the insight. Thankfully we are all connected by Internet… So distance and time zone don’t matter. – L.S. from USA

Maureen loved your in depth reading. I too. The things you said to resonate with her very much. It gave her more understanding about herself. And we both felt lifted because of the energy we could feel. Your energy was so soft and warm. You felt like a very warm, spiritual and understanding mother. She was so happy and positive with joy. Thank you very much! – H.G. from the Netherlands

Hello Jean, thank you so very much for the amazing report I’ve just received. The moment I opened it and was browsing through, my heart felt at ease and satisfied that this is the main piece of the puzzle that I need in order not only to know who and why I’m here this time around but move forward with dignity and direction. It gets me wondering why it took me so long to lay my hands on this report. Once more, thank you very much for helping me on my journey. Love and light, – M.C. from Canada

Hi Jean, thank you so much for the astrology reading and chart yesterday.  I have a new perspective on my life’s path. You reached into my head and heart and confirmed so much for me. I felt heard, understood, and loved from you and that is empowering. Thank you again.  Blessings, AM, USA

Hi Jean, thank you so much for everything. I do really mean it and I have gone through all what you had said about me in the report that you sent me, and I am glad I have received it what I wanted to know and this will be one of those moments I will never forget in my life and try to improve which you have mentioned and be as you mentioned in it. Thank you so much! I think there is no word which can describe the work you guys are doing and I really mean it……… thank you would be every small word to appreciate or convey what I wanted to say…..Thank you so so so much! – SBN, India

Hi Jean, thank you so much for the reading you have done with MK. The healing energy I felt with him was incredible. So powerful. It felt like a tremendous relief. I still feel it. MK mentioned the next day that the black heavy cloud around him seemed to have dissipated. – HG from the Neitherland