Past Life Regression helps to resolve any unconscious, survival-based scripts that negatively affect your present health, behaviors, or quality of life. You do not have to believe in past lives, but through this service, you are able to release trapped energies that have stayed in your subconscious mind for a very long time and which may come from past lives or from your childhood and early life experiences in this lifetime. This trapped energy is a very dominant and powerful force that controls your present life even without you realizing it. It is these unreleased energies that often manifest in your being as physical pain/disease and as mental and emotional issues.

Past life regression is one of the most powerful healing methods available. It will assist you to get in touch with the true cause of the problems and issues in your life caused by unreleased old energy and bring issues into your consciousness so that you are able to clear them and restore well being to your body, mind and spirit. As a result, you are able to create a better and happier life.

The Regression can be done in person or online via Skype. Sessions are typically 2 hours long. It’s $160 per session.

Use this form to book an appointment. Once this is done you will be contacted by a Jean to finalize a session time that is convenient.


Doing a past life regression was such an amazing experience, you are an expert and loving guide.  I feel the session shed light on why I have been stuck. I really loved working with you and feel such heart and support with you. – SF, Oregon USA 

Jean, I want to sincerely thank you for a truly healing session today, particularly the past life regression which allowed me to have a better understanding of the relationship with my mother so that I can shift, forgive, own my power and we can both move forward in our lives with greater love and acceptance for one another.

It has been a deep desire of mine to heal the relationship with my mother ever since I was young. It was a significant healing for me and for my relationship with my mother. Thank you so very much!

You are a wonderful channel for Spirit. ❤🌈☀

Love and blessings to you, – GK, NC USA

Jean, thank you for the Past Life Regression. it did do something big for me and for my inner guy. I can feel my energy flowing more, especially in my legs and much more grounded and relaxed. I feel much better now. Thanks to you! – BH, Iceland

I feel so much better, like weight has shifted and I feel more positive about the future.  I also feel I’ve integrated some important gifts from the Scottish woman.  Your past life regressions always help me so much.  Thank you! – SH, England

Hi Jean, just to say thank you for the really powerful session on Saturday. Things were really stressing me out in the lead up to the regression, including trying to ensure the kids were sleeping and would not get out of bed, plus having to deal with a pesky mouse that decided to make its presence known that night, after days of not being seen! It even ventured into the living room where I was sitting when the video call had started, just to freak me out even more! I’m not sure how much of my stress came across or if it affected the session in some way. Nonetheless, I was really taken with what I experienced. I wasn’t really expecting to feel the emotions I felt and to react in that way. I was actually quite conscious that I should try to ensure my responses were indeed authentic and not just images my mind decided to conjure up, so I think that’s why some of my responses were a bit delayed (it was a bit like I was double-checking everything before I came out with it!). I have to say I have felt a lot lighter over the last couple of days and I feel as if I have a new positivity going forward. It is as if a weight has been lifted. – MM, UK

Dear Jean, Thank you for the past life regression. I believe it really helped me to know the people in my life and how they have been with me before. I see clearer now the relationships and sometimes issues. They are more disconnected from my emotions and more a simple memory now. Maybe better said they are only past experiences. Thank you again. AJ, USA

Hey Jean, I would like to give you some real positive feedback on the last past life session we did. Actually, I just realized the change, consciously over the last 2 or 3 days…. After doing that session with you. this energy, this insecurity, this not understanding how other people do this, with friendship etc., THIS ENERGY HAS COMPLETELY DISAPPEARED!!! It just does not exist anymore. Boom, just disappeared. Amazing! So, of course I feel so relieved with this. Thank you so much for being a good past life therapist.

Because of this experience, I have decided I am going to the two-year past life education, here in the Netherlands for sure. Even though, the medium course people are uncomfortable with past life energy etc. I do would like to help other people with their past lives. Thank you so much Jean! – HG,The Netherland

The issues we dealt with were fear of my father and failure of my successes.  I can honestly say I feel like I’ve truly released my father and have forgiven him.  You put everything into a higher perspective for me a way for me to understand “why”.  I dream about my father now in a positive light and in the dream I have no fear and I am in control of my own destiny and not afraid to speak my truth.  I feel detached from my past and able to move forward now. I completely understand why I went through what I went through and know with all my heart it was truly meant to be so that I could be the best me I could be to fulfill my life purpose. – KQ, USA

You perform miracles my friend. I feel so blessed to have seen so many of my incarnations in your loving care. I love your past life regressions Jean. They are gifts that keep on giving. Namaste – HL, Australia