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Anger and Forgiveness

So many souls are bringing to the surface incredible anger and frustration caused by others’ past actions and by even their own actions in their own life. One cannot move forward in vibration (raise one's consciousness) without letting go of such things. They belong to the emotional body, and the purpose of your life [...]

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Sometimes It’s Hard to Believe!

When you are right in the middle of something, the incredible becomes the norm. For me, most of the stuff I experience with Margaret and Maitreya remains unknown to the outside world. Those that have worked with us in the past or have come to study with M/M have experienced a small piece of [...]

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In 1992 I made the decision to leave my first husband after 23 years of marriage. Our two children had left home and there was nothing in our marriage anymore. I had been metaphysical for 7 years, he had become a nudist, spending weekends with his nudist friends; it was an area of life [...]

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