The Photon Energy

Over the years humanity has learned to segregate itself based on fear, and the Photon Energy is designed to raise the vibration of humanity and the Earth plane. Transcript: Question: What is the Photon Energy? Maitreya: It is an energy designed to raise vibration of the Earth plane. Over the Earth years, [...]

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Maitreya Speaks – Trust in Change

Trust in Change It is sad when I come to speak with you with helpful information, and you do not want to know it. Many of you choose at some time in your life to change direction with your life, career direction, or family/friend situation. Most of the time in her readings, my channel [...]

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Affirmation for Focusing on Self Improvement

Affirmation: “The outer world is not the creation but the manifestation of my inner world. Instead of expecting to change the world around me, I focus on changing myself first, as I change myself positively, the world mirrors that positive change around me.”

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