Embracing New Energy and Change

The energy we have been experiencing in August is greatly intensified, not only because we have just experienced a Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius on August 7th and also a total Solar Eclipse in Leo on Monday, August 21st, but we also have a lot of other planetary movements in the Sky. Many of us [...]

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Ending Up at the Beginning

Hindsight is a wonderful thing. It’s often used in nostalgic terms. For example, when we realise that if we’d only followed our intuition all of our lives, that everything would probably have been much more enjoyable. But there are many reasons we don’t use our intuition and they’re mostly to do with conditioning. So [...]

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Thank You, Divine Spirit

Beloved Brothers and Sisters in the Light, Thank you for your Divine presence in my life today. Thank you for choosing to incarnate at this time/place/instant with me. I know we’re all One in Spirit. It’s hard to recall that here in separate bodies. Buddhists say that we are connected to all sentient beings. [...]

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The Self and the Higher Self

I am more and more aware of the two distinctive parts of me - The Higher Self and the Lower Self. The Higher Self-part of me is very positive and optimistic. It knows no fear; It likes to be playful, free, happy and laugh; It has empathy, it’s not attached to any emotions, but [...]

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The Importance of Intention

It’s interesting how working on projects can take you to unexpected places in your thinking, sometimes. This was the case for me when I made “The Colors of Sound” Music CD. My goal was to connect notes, and other aspects of sound, with color: to be used in healing and spiritual growth, and to [...]

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How Do You Find Your Life Purpose?

To me the answer to this is clear; just follow your passions in life. But in another way it is extremely difficult because there are many things that get in the way of following your passion. I have a friend, who is also a musician, who said he believed the secret to being happy [...]

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You Have to Ask for What You Need

I was recently reminded again that the universe provides us with what we need but that we have to ask for it.  My example has to do with money. Recently I was paying my bills and believed I did not have enough money to cover them. I was only a few hundred dollars short; [...]

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