Maitreya Speaks – Testing with Negative People

Testing with Negative People I was recently asked by a student, "Do I have to be in a situation with negative people"? This was an interesting question because in some cases, it may be necessary for you to be in this situation to learn from these people. My channel was in such a situation [...]

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Maitreya Wisdom Card # 20 – Detachment

Detachment The purpose of your life is to learn detachment, so that you do not become carried away with emotions. What is detachment? Detachment is not to giving any energy to a person or a situation, and focusing only on your own life. Focusing on your life means, working on your karmic debt, past [...]

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Maitreya Speaks – Detachment

Detachment In the world today there is so much conflict in families; brother against brother, sister against sister, mother against her children. Humanity talks about peace on earth, no war, and yet you cannot change the world until you can change yourself and work through your family fighting, your anger, frustration and fear. 80% [...]

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Giving Thanks

November in the U.S.A. has a national holiday known as Thanksgiving. For me it’s a time of reflection on my journey of life and all those that have touched me. We are often carried away by our emotions and don’t always realize the significant parts people play in our lives.

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Illusion A recent event in my family cleared a way for a door to open that allowed me to look at Illusion and Fear. What if what I am thinking has no value, because it is out of Illusion? So, any fear that is part of those thoughts would be such a waste of [...]

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Detach, But Don’t Be Detached!©

  Detach, But Don’t Be Detached!© Maitreya (one of my wisest teachers) often speaks of “trapped” or “unused” energies as one of the major issues we need to deal with during our time here on the earth plane. He often speaks of “detaching” from these energies because they prevent us from progressing in soul evolution [...]

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Give It No Energy!” – Part II ©

“Give It No Energy!” – Part II © By Dennis Dossett Last month we examined the“it” in this frequently repeated phrase from Maitreya and learned that “it” is the Self part of each of us that tries to maintain control of every aspect of our lives by playing on the present and past-life debris [...]

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“Give It No Energy!” – Part I ©

“Give It No Energy!” – Part I © By Dennis Dossett In counseling my clients over the past few months regarding situations in their lives, I have often quoted Maitreya's advice to “Give it no energy!” What has surprised me is how often a client then asks me, “What exactly do you mean by [...]

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Peace Begins with Each One of Us

The shocking result of the American election has created so much emotional reaction to so many people both nationwide and worldwide. It shows how our human choices are dictated, controlled and manipulated by the Self-part of us through our own emotions, beliefs and conditioning. The result of the USA presidential election shows that the [...]

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