How Can I Find Happiness? – Part 2

A few months ago we examined the question of “What is Happiness?” from the perspectives of many different individuals. Last month I researched the question of “How Can I Find Happiness?” and found considerable agreement from a wide range of people regarding the importance of these factors. But there is also extensive agreement on [...]

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We continuously encounter our emotions in all facets of our lives. Let’s face it; the Earth plane is just an emotional school of learning. We have chosen the curriculum of this plane of existence to allow us to work through the power of emotion on a couple different levels. Unfortunately, I think most of [...]

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Where’s Your Emotional Quicksand?

I came across an article the other day on “Quicksand”. I remember seeing cowboy movies when I was a child where the villain got stuck in it, then slowly sank to their demise. I actually thought quicksand was a myth, but I read a team of researchers from France and The Netherlands actually studied [...]

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