Maitreya Quote on Experiencing Life

"You were born to experience a life with happiness, joy, success, and abundance, but you cannot create that and enjoy it because the Self, like a dog with a bone, keeps chewing away at the negative energy from the past and of unexpressed emotion." ~ Maitreya

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Emotion and Dis-ease

Nowadays, more and more people are having physical problems without knowing the cause. Often, the doctors are unable to diagnose the problems, and the medication cannot stop the pain or the dis-ease. The medications developed by large pharmaceutical companies try to stop or ease certain symptoms, but at the same time cause or create [...]

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As I am more and more applying metaphysical understanding to my own life and life experiences, especially dealing with all sorts of physical pain and discomfort on a daily basis, I am more convinced that most diseases are caused by our inner stress and tension due to our own repressed emotions, unexpressed thoughts, conditioning, [...]

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The Other Side of the Coin

There is a saying, “there are two sides to every coin” and often we forget this little metaphor when we get caught up in our emotional world. It’s as if our emotions paralyze us from contemplating the other side of a story or that another person see’s or is experiencing a situation from a [...]

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What is Depression?

As a human, nobody is immune to depression. Each of us has or will have depression, more or less, during our lifetime. Some will experience a more severe and longer lasting battle with depression, while another’s occurrence may feel may be lighter, shorter, or just fleeting moments. What is depression? It is our human [...]

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Peace Begins with Each One of Us

The shocking result of the American election has created so much emotional reaction to so many people both nationwide and worldwide. It shows how our human choices are dictated, controlled and manipulated by the Self-part of us through our own emotions, beliefs and conditioning. The result of the USA presidential election shows that the [...]

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