Maitreya Speaks – Giving

Giving There have been inquiries about my writings on giving, whether the giving of energy or of money. What is right and what is wrong, how does one know whether it is karmic or not? The first issue on this subject is that one must remember each soul has their own lessons to learn, [...]

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Maitreya Speaks – Color II

Color II You do not realize how important color is to your life – how just having your personal color around you can not only lift your soul, but help you grow spiritually as well. How do you know what your personal color is? Some souls have only one particular color; others have more [...]

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Masculine Vs Feminine

Masculine Vs Feminine by Jean Luo Out of curiosity I took an online course in Traditional Chinese Medicine since I have always been intrigued by it. The foundation of Chinese Medicine is the Differentiation of Syndromes of YIN and YANG. I have to say, it contains a deep understanding and wisdom of how the [...]

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De-Clutter Your Space = De-Clutter Your Mind

Another way of explaining de-cluttering our space is: if you accumulate things, you stop the flow of energy. Therefore, by de-cluttering, it has a knock-on effect of  giving us clearer, more peaceful minds.

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