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Message in A Bottle… or Any Form They May Come In

“Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-ay, My, oh, my, what a wonderful day, Plenty of sunshine headin’ my way, Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-ay!” For some reason, at random times, this song starts repeating in my head. 

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The Memory of The Past – Nothing But A Big Onion of Illusion

The memory of the Past – nothing but a big onion of illusion Alan and I spent the whole month of April 2019 in China. When 2019 began, a China visit wasn’t in our plans. However, my brother’s death on January 2nd prompted me to go back. It was corresponding to the transit North [...]

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A Perspective about Planet Retrogrades

A Perspective about Planet Retrogrades July and August are heavy times with respect to Planets in retrograde. We experienced the energy of 6 retrograde planets in July, and we will still have 5 of them retrograde in August. The power generated by them often generates a sense of things slowing down, disruptive emotional turmoil [...]

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Fear and Energy

In early February of this year, I started thinking about planning a spring vacation to Palm Springs. A friend of mine recently retired there, and I was keen to visit. I love the desert and wanted an escape from the rainy northwest. I have been to Palm Springs several times and resonate with its myriad of activities and charm.

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Do Not Blame God

Do Not Blame God Do not blame what you call God for your problems. It is so easy to lay the blame at someone else's feet. God, or the Ultimate Being is not a person, but an energy! It is the collective consciousness of the whole of humanity. It is an energy in its [...]

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Speaking Your “Truth”©

In recent months I have had a number of clients who complained of “relationship issues,” almost all of which either included or were primarily based in communication problems. For example, a recent client complained that “he just won’t tell me what is going on, what he is thinking!” After a little probing, it didn’t [...]

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Understanding “Raising Your Vibration”©

Understanding “Raising Your Vibration”© I have had countless discussions with students and otherwise “spiritual people” regarding the topic of “Raising Your Vibration.” While they all agree that it is desirable and important, they usually get themselves all tangled up in concepts and terminology that apply only to the physical world of matter. And even [...]

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Maitreya Quote on Love Is the Purest Form of Expression

"Love is the purest form of expression and, if you receive love either in a heterosexual or a homosexual relationship, you are getting the highest energy possible." ~ Maitreya

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Color II

Color II You do not realize how important color is to your life – how just having your personal color around you can not only lift your soul, but help you grow spiritually as well. How do you know what your personal color is? Some souls have only one particular color; others have more [...]

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Past Life Energy

Emotion is an energy. The purpose of your life on the Earth plane is to move out of this energy, to control and distance yourself away from the emotional body. Only by doing this can you then see through the illusion of the Earth plane. This does not mean you are devoid of feeling, [...]

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