Maitreya Quote on Health, Laugh and Healing Process

"If you already have health problems, try to laugh as much as you can. You will find this so healing and so helpful to your healing process. The more you laugh, the more you heal." ~ Maitreya

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Releasing Emotion and Healing

I was in a group of healers who were discussing and sharing healing and healing experiences a few weeks ago. Someone in the group raised the concern about what one should do when a client had an emotional outburst during the consultation or healing, such as crying or being angry. I was amazed by [...]

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The Colors You Wear

Every color in your life can affect not only how you look, but also how you feel. Color is very important in your life, communicating another message about yourself. Transcript: Question: Maitreya, do the colors I wear affect how I feel? Maitreya: Definitely! You know that those who write in to my [...]

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The Purpose of Crystals

Crystals are a healing tool designed to raise the vibration and provide spiritual healing. Transcript: Question: What is the purpose of crystals? Maitreya: Their purpose is to raise the vibration, it’s like in a pyramid. They are very high in vibration, almost pure yo would say. And yet can I say to [...]

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Meeting People Where THEY Are ©

Meeting People Where THEY Are © In addition to doing past-life regression and a number of other healing modalities, I also do a great deal of intuitive counseling and teaching. In fact, I probably spend almost 95% of my practitioner time counseling and teaching my clients, often in conjunction with a particular healing modality they [...]

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Experiencing Grief and Healing

I never have experienced grief until Margaret's passing. When she left us suddenly and unexpectedly in the early morning of July 13th, 2016, we were all in shock. I never thought that she would leave the world and us this way. Alan, Korinne and I were kept sending healing to her lifeless body for [...]

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