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Maitreya Speaks – A Beggar is No Less than A King

A Beggar is No Less than A King Humanity has a way of looking down on those less fortunate than themselves, they do not know those souls are learning far greater lessons than they can learn themselves. In our world they are respected and revered because they chose harder lessons to hasten their life [...]

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Your Self

This is a channeled video message from Maitreya titled "Your Self". Transcript: Maitreya: Good day to you or evening, wherever you may be in the world. Your lives are ruled in a way by your daily self. Many of you know that you have a self and a higher self, and such [...]

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Happy October everyone! We’re down to the final 3 months of the year already! Boy has that flown by. This month the Angels remind us of their support and love for us and their understanding of the difficulties we face being incarnated on the Earth at this time.

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