Acceptance Cancels Judgement and Creates Unconditional Love

I’ve written often of my struggles with Judgement. I feel very blessed with the knowledge and understanding that I gained from my 12-years with Maitreya, but I must admit when I can’t fathom another person’s point of view or perspective

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Tolerance and Judgment

Never judge another so you will not be judged.  People judge everything and even spiritually evolved humans judge others or themselves.  We tend to judge others according to our moral beliefs and standards. Maitreya’s teaching about right and wrong and opposites is a must read for everyone.

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  Judgment "Do not judge another, let go of all criticism and judgment. By doing this you will move forward in spirit and move forward in vibration." ~ Maitreya Recently I made a quick stop at a Dollar Store to pick up a few small items. It ended up being not so quick and what [...]

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