Looking for Rainbows

The last several years have been an adventure to say the least. We closed down operations in Issaquah, Washington; let some friendships go, created new friendships, lived in India a couple different times with a year sojourn to San Francisco and a three-month Australian stint. There were many different experiences along the way with [...]

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Culling the Old

Culling is a term I learned from Margaret. She quite frequently goes through her closet and “Culls” her closet. In other words she throws out what she feels she no longer needs. It is a practice Maitreya has taught her to continuously remove old energy by discarding old clothes or other possessions she no [...]

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Being Pushed Out of Your Comfort Zone

Life is a journey and for the most part it is a struggle. We can say it’s not, put that superficial smile on our faces, lie to ourselves, but in the end when you contemplate your life honestly; it is not an easy road. We struggle with others perception of us and the perception [...]

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The Self and the Earth Plane

Unfortunately, most people don’t comprehend the power of the self-aspect of humanity, they only get to live through the consequences of its’ influence as it subtly sabotages your life journey towards your life purpose and destiny. So how did it all begin and what would be some things to look out for as you [...]

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