Coping with Covid as a Metaphor for Life©

Shortly after my last newsletter was published, I had an interesting“virtual” conversation with an individual that just couldn’t understand how anyone could not worry about Covid-19 and all of its repercussions.

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“Master Your Life” – Inspired by Maitreya!

Hello, this is my first Blog (21st century essay!) for I’ve been invited to share my “inspiration, vision, insights and the experience of my life journey”, so here goes!

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Giving Thanks

November in the U.S.A. has a national holiday known as Thanksgiving. For me it’s a time of reflection on my journey of life and all those that have touched me. We are often carried away by our emotions and don’t always realize the significant parts people play in our lives.

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Per aspera ad astra

Per aspera ad astra  You can be unhappy anywhere. You don’t have to move across the ocean or across the country, you don’t have to leave your relationship or move from your home. The sad truth is that wherever you go, you carry Your Self with You. Your fears, hopes, expectations, delusions, mistakes…yes, they [...]

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