“Master Your Life” – Inspired by Maitreya!

Hello, this is my first Blog (21st century essay!) for Maitreya.co. I’ve been invited to share my “inspiration, vision, insights and the experience of my life journey”, so here goes!

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Giving Thanks

November in the U.S.A. has a national holiday known as Thanksgiving. For me it’s a time of reflection on my journey of life and all those that have touched me. We are often carried away by our emotions and don’t always realize the significant parts people play in our lives.

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Per aspera ad astra

Per aspera ad astra  You can be unhappy anywhere. You don’t have to move across the ocean or across the country, you don’t have to leave your relationship or move from your home. The sad truth is that wherever you go, you carry Your Self with You. Your fears, hopes, expectations, delusions, mistakes…yes, they [...]

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Fear and Energy

In early February of this year, I started thinking about planning a spring vacation to Palm Springs. A friend of mine recently retired there, and I was keen to visit. I love the desert and wanted an escape from the rainy northwest. I have been to Palm Springs several times and resonate with its myriad of activities and charm.

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Spiritual Meaning of Pets

  Spiritual Meaning of Pets Having in mind my extraordinary private story about animals and pets, I have an urge to write it down and share it publicly, even though my rational mind is saying “No", it's not that important. But, I feel it is. As a child I was drawn to animals a lot, [...]

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Why is this Happening to Me?

Since I retired from 9-1-1 Dispatching, I've spent the last year and a half trying to decide what I wanted to do next. I'd been "responsible" and held down a steady job for 25 years, so I thought this was my opportunity to follow my heart and do something that involved something I've always [...]

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Journeying Towards Self-Love

After suffering from severe neck and shoulder pain for almost 3 years, during which I could not move my head, could not sleep properly and could hardly do anything without feeling pain, I am happy to say that I have recovered about 95%. The reason why I said 95% and not 100% is because there is [...]

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Focus On Your Own Plate!

Focus On Your Own Plate! A strong urge to change my life came with the solar eclipse this January. My unhappiness with a placement in life became unbearable. I knew that the approaching lunar eclipse would bring me to my knees, so I reached out to Jean in the hope of getting a different [...]

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Life Goes On

Life Goes On It is incredible, July is gone, 7 months of the year has flown by like a wink of an eye. Where does time go and what has transpired for each of us on our journey. For me it’s hard to believe that Margaret and Maitreya departed my life 2 years ago [...]

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Perfection© By Dennis Dossett In last June’s newsletter, I wrote about “ (“Lessons and Tests”) ,” the main point of which was that we chose our life lessons before we incarnated in order to provide an opportunity to grow into a better version of ourselves (aka, soul evolution). Last month's newsletter was devoted to [...]

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  Changes This last month has really brought a lot of change to our lives. An opportunity arose for us in New Orleans, so we packed our bags and off we went. I wish it was that simple, but putting our noses to grind stone and expending a lot of energy to pack, drive and [...]

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Letting Go of the Old and Moving into the New Year of 2018

Time flies so fast, in a blink, here comes 2018. Although I wondered where the year 2017 went, looking back I still cannot believe that I actually have gone through a lot of changes and some incredible life experiences! In the beginning of 2017 I was not in good shape or condition since Margaret’s [...]

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