Maitreya Speaks – The Purpose of Life

I have often been asked the purpose of life. The purpose of life is to grow in Spirit. Life is a school, an education. All those who come into your life are the teachers. Every soul acts as a mirror for you. Every soul is a teacher. From the beginning of your life you [...]

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You were all meant to have abundance in your life. Yes, every one of you, yet you do not know of this, and many of you stop the flow to that abundance by your thinking. There is a common conception that some people are born to abundance and others have to suffer. This is [...]

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What Is Your Pet Mirroring for You?

The universe is constantly communicating to us. This can be in the form of "chance" conversations, accidents that are never accidents but force us to see and understand something we're avoiding.  It can be a television programme we switch on to, a deer that crosses our path, a word of advice from a stranger that conveys the answer [...]

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“We Need To Be Invited”

Well, here it is, another end of the month, and I am desperately scrambling to find something worthwhile to write about. Once in a while these articles almost write themselves, but generally they do not come easily. So why write them at all? The answer is that I write them for myself. They help [...]

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What is “Truth”?

I have spent a major portion of my life trying to find “truth”, and most of my life I believed that I had found it. I have always believed that there is a single, all-encompassing “truth” and that differences between one truth and another were just “variations on a theme.” But it was the [...]

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