Maitreya Quote on Expressing Feelings

“Express your feelings; let people know how much you care. Even though they may not do the same to you, it does not matter. What matters is that you say and express your truth quietly so that you can come home to us and be at peace.” ~ Maitreya

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On My Way

One of the most enjoyable things I do is practice finding inner peace and tranquility in nature, but at the same time try to be aware of the human life near me. This is a scenario where I have the opportunity to be in my own inner well being, but still be amongst people. [...]

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Respect Each Other

It saddens me to watch humanity treating each other with no respect; whether it is in politics, in the media, in society or human relationships, culture, religion or different belief systems. So much fear, anger and hatred are being brought to the surface nationwide through the US presidential campaign and election. Issues around racialism, [...]

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So You Want to Be a Channel?

Many people often to express to me their desire to be a channel for Spirit, but often they don’t feel that they are worthy enough to fulfill the task. Being a channel is not about becoming more Holy, spiritual, or Godly; it is about learning to move the Self part of you aside and [...]

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