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Why Do we Incarnate on Earth?

Listen to Maitreya as he explains why we need to come to Earth for our soul's learning. Transcript: Question: Why do we come to Earth to go through the incarnation process? Maitreya: Because it is the only place where the self resides. The self was originally the survivor instinct in humanity. In [...]

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Fear – What is it Really? What did Maitreya Teach?

Hello there, isn’t this the strangest time of our lives? The whole world is experiencing the Corona Virus, leading to COVID19 at the worst, and most people are feeling anxious and fearful.

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Maitreya Quote on Why We Made Mistakes in Life

"Your life is a series of mis-takes because of the ego/Self, just as it is with dis-ease, something is not in balance. Once you put it back into balance then you can begin to experience peace within." ~ Maitreya

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Enlisting the Self?

Enlisting the Self? Margaret would often surprise people when teaching or counseling them on ways to resolve a particular issue or situation they were in. She would tell them to simply put out the intention to the other person’s “Higher” Self to work with their “Higher” Self to resolve the issue. She was telling [...]

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Who Am I?

Who Am I? Over the years, I have been asked on many occasions, “Can you tell me who I am?" by my clients. Honestly, in the beginning, I did not know how to answer this question, but it did make me think. "Who am I?" When one starts to ask such a question, one [...]

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