Discernment about Spiritual Teachers

Maitreya explains how someone, even a spiritual teacher, is not allowed to tell others what to do. Video Transcript: Question: Can you speak about the practice of spiritual teachers telling other people what to do? Maitreya: This is a very difficult thing because a lot of teachers insist you do what they [...]

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Part Time Spirituality

This is a channeled video message from Maitreya titled "Part Time Spirituality". Transcript: My teaching with you at this time is what we in our world called part time spirituality. So many of you wish to learn about the world of spirit. Many messages and posts have been written by not only [...]

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We Are Being Called to Awareness and Change

It’s hard to believe fall is already upon us at the end of the month and the last quarter of this tumultuous year is soon to be here. So much going on yet the Angel’s message to us is once again about turning within to make change.

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Metaphysics – The Key to Unlock the Myth of Life

Metaphysics – the Key to Unlock the Myth of Life In the physical world, we humans see everything physically. We logically and habitually live our lives according to our five senses – seeing, smelling, tasting, touching and hearing. We often evaluate the quality of our lives based on what we have on a physical [...]

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Time Out for Spirit

Early in my spiritual journey, it was easy to stay connected. There were teachers, classes, workshops, personal monthly or weekly meetings of some kind. It was easy when I was Margaret’s student every Thursday, or when my Shamanic Practices class met once a month for a full day, and had homework in between. But [...]

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Blooming Late Bloomer!

Gidday from Oz everyone! This past January, I spent two weeks training intensively with Team Maitreya in Brisbane. When I read that back, it still seems amazing and if anyone had suggested to me previously that I would do such thing, I would have thought them crazy. After the course, Margaret advised me that [...]

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