My experience with Margaret/Maitreya

I first met Margaret at a channeling at her Redmond, WA healing center. Walking into her healing center there was a refreshing, peaceful, crispness to the air like a pristine mountain meadow. When Margaret channeled I could see a golden radiance surrounding her. I immediately knew I was in the presence of a remarkable person. Intrigued by the channeling, Margaret’s remarks and drawn to the energy I requested private study with Margaret to further my knowledge and study of Metaphysics. My three days of private study with Margaret changed my life. I went in expecting to learn about metaphysics instead it turned into a profound personal healing experience. I had some major burdens in my life that I was unable to heal or resolve on my own. These burdens felt like a dark, heavy, weight in my heart chakra. I was unable to resolve or heal them on my own. I needed the help of a master (Margaret/Maitreya) in order to do this. In my course of study with Margaret I learned of past lives, saw some of my past lives and discovered why and how these burdens came about. Each day I felt better and by the end of the course the dark weight had lifted from my heart chakra. The feeling was incredible. I felt physically lighter and so much better. Not too long after I worked with Margaret I had to have a breast biopsy due to a suspicious area found on my yearly mammogram. Breast cancer runs in my family and I knew I was at high risk for this disease. The biopsy came back benign. I know with intuitive certainty that had I not done this work/healing with Margaret/Maitreya I would have experienced the disease of breast cancer. I’m profoundly grateful for Margaret/Maitreya’s help in changing that potential. I continued to learn from Margaret/Maitreya by attending Margaret’s channels and taking her Master’s Courses. I always looked forward to her channelings. In the last Master’s Course I took from Margaret I watched as she prepared to channel Maitreya. First I saw a massive green and white column of energy come thru the ceiling and appear next to her like an infinite monolith. It was as if a portal to another dimension opened up for Maitreya to come in. It was a truly amazing experience.