I first came across Margaret & Maitreya in 2009 when I was needing answers about my life.

I knew there was something else I was supposed to be doing in my life but was at a loss after many years of doubt and struggle.

I randomly searched the internet and came across Margaret who had written an article for a metaphysical website. At the end of it she put in a link offering a free channeled question.

I sent in my question (not really thinking she could answer it as I had asked the question so often before to many different people to no avail).

She replied the next day, telling me about a past life in which I hadn’t been sensitive to others and that I had in fact decided to live the difficult experience of what I was then living.
She then gave me very specific details which, as I read them, gave me goosebumps and a deep sudden awareness.

It was then I began to study Maitreya’s writings and over the next year (like a starved person who had found a manna of food) I couldn’t stop.

I had a full reading with Margaret, as well as past life sessions with Jean Luo. I then learned healing and mediumship with Jean and listened every week to the amazing Sixth Sense Radio show which Margaret & Alan hosted.

I was then presented with the fabulous opportunity to attend Margaret’s Master of Metaphysics course in 2011.

Doors opened for me and I found myself realising exactly what I was supposed to be doing in my life which I now enjoy with a passion.

Words here are not sufficient to express my deep gratitude and love for this wonderful lady who with her very laughter, no-nonsense wisdom and very frank explanation of all things in life opened me up so much.

An extremely gifted clairvoyant and teacher Margaret had many demands on her time. Yet she always found a moment to reply to my emails when I needed advice and encouragement.

Thank you Margaret for your friendship, laughter and wisdom.

We are all going to miss you so much.