Margaret McElroy – Service to Mankind – What a privilege it is to know you and to have spent time with you during your time on the earth plane.

Margaret came into my life as well as my family’s life in 1997-98. As I was on the computer researching spiritual topics looking for a new direction to go with my own spiritual path I came across Margaret and Maitreya. I contacted her and we started emailing back and forth. During the “getting acquainted period” with Margaret, one day while shaving I had a glimpse of Maitreya in my mind’s eye. Well, that’s all it took, I knew I had to take the Master’s Course. It was a difficult task financially, but with my wife’s total support my young daughter, my wife and I traveled to New Zealand in July of 1998 for the course. Margaret and her second husband, Peter, were gracious hosts and met us at the airport and took us to a very nice place where we would live during our stay in Nelson. It was in walking distance to town and to the place where the course would be held. There were about 10 course participants from all over. Margaret taught most of the course herself and Peter conducted the past life session. It was a special time for me feeling as though I was moving on to the next stage in my development. Margaret was an amazing teacher and she took great care with us making sure we all understood the material she was teaching. Of course the meals were wonderful as well. After returning to North Carolina my wife and I hosted a Master’s Course in our home in Chapel Hill, NC. And yes, Margaret traveled from the other side of the world to teach the Masters Course in my home. It doesn’t get much better than that. But it does get better. Margaret stayed with my family and I in our Chapel Hill home for several days as she was in route to New York to give her speech to the United Nations. That was as good as it gets! As a side note, Margaret stayed in my daughter’s room where I set up a small desk so she could work on her laptop computer. Also, my daughter had the best bed mattress in the house so I knew Margaret was comfortable in that respect. She was a perfect guest. It was a wonderful time having her in our home. I was also privileged to attend courses of Margaret’s in San Diego, CA and Issaquah, WA. And I have to mention the Sixth Sense Radio Show. It was another great time to spend with Margaret and ask questions and get a personal reply on the air one day every week. It was the Best! For me it was more about being around Margaret and Maitreya’s energy than what she was teaching us. I can’t imagine where I would be today if I hadn’t found Margaret on my computer on that fateful day. I only wish I had lived in Seattle so I could have attended all of her events. We spent time on Skype where she would teach me and help me by giving of her wisdom. She was always there when I needed her. And yes, I was and still am a Margaret and Maitreya junkie. Margaret was the best. She was a giver and a server of people. She was my teacher of metaphysics and life, my Mentor and one of my best friends (and that best friends list is very short). Margaret, thank you for caring about me. I will miss you every day until I go home. Much Love.