Gifts Past Price

I first met Margaret McElroy in July of 2007. My husband Robert and I had been listening to her Sixth Sense Radio Show for over two years by that time. I was not sure I believed in channeling, but Maitreya’s philosophy was loving and non-intrusive, which gave it big points over the hard core
Fundamentalism with which I had been raised. We drove from California to the Redmond Center that July as part of our vacation, to see the Center and get our first personal readings.

While I was waiting in the lobby, Margaret came in and sat down on the other end of the bench. She looked very introverted and I did not dare disturb her; but she moved and sat in a nimbus of power that had all the little hairs on my body standing up. I have never felt anything like it before or since. I knew then and there that she was the real thing.

During my reading, Margaret told me some personal things that closed a very deep old wound in my heart. I was near tears. But the real gift I didn’t discover until I got home. My writer’s block, which had kept me from finishing a book for over 20 years, had vanished! Poof – gone! This was a gift beyond price. It gave meaning back to my life. Within a short time after that I finished a manuscript for the first time in 22 years, and then went on to revise and publish another one. The glacier had melted.

As the years passed, Alan and Margaret gave us many things, most importantly the gift of their friendship, and their warm hospitality. And I must not leave out the warm and kind friendship of Jean Luo. The gifts of friendship cannot be measured, and it would be foolish to try and list them. We took the Master of Metaphysics Beginner’s Course with her, and during that course my husband was inspired with his first meditation album, which she later promoted on her radio show. During one memorable dinner, Margaret was talking about healing energy and put her hand over a small skin cancer I had growing on my arm. We were amazed next morning to find it white with scar tissue, as if it had been surgically healed long ago.

Our friendship came to its greatest fruition when Alan and Margaret settled in a house just a mile from us, on their first return from India. We picked them up from the airport and there were many friendly visits. One evening, Margaret astonished me by offering to teach me, once a week, for free! I had often thought of such training, but knew it was beyond my reach financially. But Margaret simply said she felt she was supposed to help me. It was that simple.

Over the course of the next year, we met every Thursday afternoon. I would bring her a decaf Mocha from Peet’s – the only payment she ever asked from me – and I would settle into the armchair in her office to get a reading, or instruction in astrology, or past life information that shed light on the present, or messages from the dead, general metaphysical training, and sometimes, just to talk. I was so grateful to be included in this, though I could not always see my own progress.

Then, one day in late June of 2015, it was as if the sky opened and rained God’s love down on me. I suddenly understood my place in the Universe, my view of life completely changed, and I understood that nothing would ever happen to me that was not for my ultimate benefit – up to and including death. There was some question at that point about whether I might have a uterine cancer, and I understood that even if that was so, and even if I died, I could never in any way be separated from the love of God. I have written about this before, in this newsletter. But I still find the words inadequate to convey how my life changed forever, and the pressure of my mental illness simply left me. Life became so much easier and full of simple gratitude 50 years of dread and negativity dropped away, and for the first time in my life, I felt safe in the Universe.

I do know that part of my healing came from the shamanic practices I was learning; but none of it would have been possible without Margaret and Maitreya patiently removing, week after week, the layers of negative experience and conditioning I had been carrying for all of this life and who knows how many prior lives

It was this breakthrough that allowed me to sail calmly and without fear through my subsequent cancer diagnosis and operation, a few months after the McElroys had left the country. Even through a stay in the Intensive Care Unity – which I hated! – I knew I was beloved of God and would be well, no matter what.

Because of Margaret, I have a new life wherein I can always lay my hands on gratitude and the sense of being loved and accepted. I have improved so much that my daily medication pills – which numbered 14 a day only 5 years ago – have dwindled down to only 5 or 6. I will be freer and happier the rest of my life because of Margaret’s great generosity to me, and I will also enjoy the warm feeling of knowing that in some sense, I was not only her student but her friend.

It was startling in every way when Margaret suddenly passed – I had been on Facebook with her only the day before. Nothing could have been more unexpected. And yet – since she has “left” us, curiously, I hear her voice in my head more frequently, and more clearly than ever before. Things I had forgotten she said will bounce up to my consciousness. Or I will catch myself talking about my limitations and hear her say, “There is nothing you cannot manifest.” She is with me more than ever before, peeking over my shoulder, making sure I don’t forget her teachings. Even though I will never get to bring her a Mocha again, I am so glad I knew Margaret while she still lived and worked on the earth plane.