Margaret became my teacher in early 2005, but before that she and I were friends who would have coffee together, chat about all sorts of things and spend time together just enjoying our friendship. When we first met I was just drifting, unable to find any focus in my life because I had so little self-worth and self-love. The Master and Margaret through their energies and their teaching changed my entire inner world and enabled me to see and believe in my worth, my talents and all that I was and could be. From the moment we first looked at my Natal Chart, we knew that Astrology was my “thing”, and the minute I acknowledged this, it was like the flood gates opened and all the information I needed was channeled into me. The soul memories that existed from lifetime after lifetime of being an Astrologer were activated, and from then on in the Masters have made sure that I have the information and energy that those who come to me need and can receive.

I honestly shudder to think what my life would be like now if I had not had Margaret and the Master in my life to open me up to not only all I could be, but also to the entire purpose of the earth plane as our School of learning. Margaret had an energy that I have never felt before, yet at the same time she was an ordinary person who we could relate too, and who could relate too all of us as well. My first real memory of the power of her energy was when she and I and our respective ex-husbands were out for dinner one night, and it got very cold sitting outside. Margaret offered me her thin cotton over-shirt to put on, and I remember at the time thinking that this was not going to make an ounce of difference in this cool Taupo evening. But within seconds of putting it on I was SO warm and toasty! Margaret’s energy affected everyone and everything she came into contact with and I am so incredibly grateful for having not only been a student of hers, but also to be able to call her my dear dear friend.

I miss her earthly presence, but at the same time feel there is no time to dwell on her shift in existence, as I have no doubt that she is still right here with each and every one of us, just like she was when she was alive. Actually perhaps more so!! Her wisdom, teaching, guidance and vibration have changed the lives and worlds of many many souls and we are all so very very lucky to have been a part of this. In her honour and remembrance I also feel now that it is our duty and joy to carry on bringing all that love and awareness to more souls on the earth plane, so as her work and all that the Masters channeled through her, can continue to make a difference in bringing the love and light of the Universe to the earth plane where it is so needed.

Thank you Margaret for every small and large thing you have done for me – and although you never did fill that Football Stadium in a single hit, you would have filled it over and over with all the soul’s lives that you touched and changed in your lifetime. It has been an honour and a joy to have been a part of your life and I look forward to meeting you again on the other side, when my time comes. Love and light to you Margaret, to the Masters and to all of the Maitreya community. We are special, we are blessed and we shall continue the work xox

Thanks Jean, and talk soon.

Love Deidre