Margaret changed & fueled my life. I attended her series of 3 channeled metaphysics retreats with Maitreya, between the age of 19 – 24 years old – the perfect time to shape my life ahead. My brother did the retreats first & he came back a changed man, so my Mum & I had to follow suit! In the 10 years since Margaret’s teachings, I have gone on to consciously create my dream life and help others ‘wake up’ with my work. Margaret gave me the confidence to dream big and connected me to who I really am. She initiated me on this spiritual path, inspired my work at The Happi Empire, taught me to heal, manifest & about my earthly challenges. Thank you Margaret for stepping up and serving with Spirit like you did. Thanks for the gifts you bestowed upon me, my life would be VERY different if I hadn’t met you!!! I bet you’re having a ball in the hall of Ascended Masters! 🙂

Love Happi Fran xo