The pivotal moment of my life was getting a divorce. Feeling incomplete and angry that I had just wasted 16 years of life, but actually finding some part of me again. It was like I walked into a room to find someone that I had never met before. As soon as I walked into the room, my stomach was filled with warmth, a feeling that I could familiarize myself again with, that is my childlike quality. A place I called my home. This person who touched my life, who opened my eyes in other ways, to see, to feel, to hear, to connect and integrate with others is Margaret and her energy called Maitreya. I knew that when I first met her she would be my teacher for a while, and after an astrology session, I decided to take her metaphysical course. It was as if everything she was telling me, was reminding me of what I already knew, but I needed to be reminded at that point of my life. To understand that other people’s reactions are my opportunity for learning and growth from within and is teaching me something about myself rather than placing blame on others.

That week that I spent with Margaret opened my eyes to the power within myself, and not expecting others to give it to me. It taught me to release guilt, to see the love in everybody, but to stand up for myself and not be angry, but to see love in the other person, to be aware of the life that is surrounding me with so many gifts that is teaching me along my way. I met so many beautiful people that I now call friends on the course. I am forever grateful to Margaret and Maitreya for assisting me to love myself again and to restore my trust in others. My whole life has changed since then; I remarried after almost 3 1/2 years. We just bought our new house in the mountains. My life journey is continuous with life lessons; I think that I am more prepared to see it for what it is. It is what it is, an observation that doesn’t needed to be attached to me, but I can be a part of it, only in ways I want to be a part of it. I am connected to my spirit again, I can feel the energy around me, I can see from others where I was. I can lead by example, instead of having someone else fix my problems. So with that, I am forever grateful for meeting Margaret. I am forever grateful for the lessons that she taught me to connect with my spirit, to not live with guilt, to love myself first. By doing that the love will come to me. Thank you Margaret, Maitreya and all my friends, and I will continue my life journey with open arms, to receive, to teach, to heal, and to just be happy.