For me Margaret was a person who always was willing to help. If I wrote her a personal email, she always responded in a couple of hours. There must have been so many people who wrote her a personal email and got a helpful response in a couple of hours.

Most of all I felt the powerful energy in the emails. I could feel Margaret and Maitreya’s energy in there.

When I had a personal conversation with Maitreya, I felt so good. I just could be me.
Maitreya understood me so well and that made me so happy. He really understood my soul energy, so it was easy for him to understand my questions. And by talking to him, I actually started to understand my soul energy better.

When I was on one of the courses with Margaret, I could see with my psychic eye, how my negative energy was thrown in Margaret’s aura. She was like a magnet as she pulled the energy from me to her. I could see her whole aura shake. A bit shocking because I knew it was my negative energy that did that to her.

Pffff, can you imagine, walking on the earth plane and doing this for so many people?
Maybe there are many other people who do this clearing like Margaret has done, but I have never experienced it the way Margaret did it.

I have seen many mediums and deep trance channels in my life. I really do not want to compare people, but I have to be honest; I never met another Margaret. And last but not least, for me so important, Margaret always stayed human. She had mastered her fears and ego, or whatever, to stay human. I never felt like a student when she was teaching me, I just could be me!!!

Hannah from the Netherlands