Keep on and Keeping on

I found Margaret and Maitreya’s teaching website in May 2003, a time when my father and I had a big argument over the Christian God. He did not believe in God and he told me in our argument that if he did not go to hell who else would? Then he abruptly ended his time of visiting me in the USA and went back home in China. A month later he got very sick and was diagnosed lung cancer. I was distraught with this news and desperately searching for the answer if my father was really going to be punished by God and was he going to hell. It led me to search for the purpose of my life and my destiny. Before I met Margaret/Maitreya, I did not know anything about spirituality and metaphysics besides being a devoted Christian. However, I resonated with Maitreya’s teachings and newsletters deeply. I read them again and again. Maitreya’s teachings opened a new door to me. From his teaching, I found the meaning and purpose of my earthly existence. For the first time I felt hope with my life.

I then immediately had a reading with Margaret/Maitreya, it touched me deeply so I decided to fly to Australia to take courses with them. Since then my life has been in constant change and transformation. I have become a different and better soul because of them.

In January 2006 I left the comfort zone of my old world and moved to Bellevue, WA to live with Margaret and Alan as their personal assistant. Since then I have worked with them closely; I have learned so much and grown so much in Spirit on the metaphysical level. I thought this was going to be what I would do for the rest of my life.

I am the most fortunate person in the world because I had 13 years apprenticeship, directly trained by Margaret/Maitreya and 10 years closely working with them, especially last 4 years. I lived with Margaret, Alan and Ratna, Korinne joined us two years later, and traveled with them to India, Australia, California, now back to Washington state in the USA. We lived together like a real family, this not only gave me the opportunity to pay my karma back to them but also provided me the great opportunity to be trained and educated by Margaret/Maitreya. Maitreya often came to talk to us directly with different topics and to teach us about life. Margaret herself was a living example of walking her talk and practicing Maitreya’s teaching with her life. Through them I learned and lived my life with them metaphysically. I cannot thank Margaret/Maitreya, Alan, Ratna and Korinne enough for what they have taught me and how they have enabled me to change and to transform.

However, I never thought I was protected and living in the comfort zone by living and working with Margaret/Maitreya directly and closely until her passing, then I realized they were my security blanket. Now with her passing, my security blanket was suddenly removed and my comfort zone was unexpectedly gone in an instant. What am I going to do? In a deep moment of shock, I felt my deep fear. But as I acknowledge it and then let it go, I am able to see the higher purpose and bigger picture of this experience. I finished my apprenticeship with Margaret/Maitreya, it is time for me to put all I have learned from them into practice and to start to fulfill my destiny by becoming my own master of my life.

The energy of Margaret/Maitreya’s teachings is a living energy, it teaches us the purpose of life and how to live it; it shows us what our life on the Earth Plane is really about. It provides us the guidance to raise our vibration so that we can return to our true home, no longer needing to come back to the school of life on the Earth Plane. Although Margaret is no longer with us in her physical form on the Earth Plane, she is still with us, working with us from the world of Spirit; she is still guiding us and helping us; she is still touching souls on the earth plane.

I will carry on with Margaret’s work as a tribute to her and Maitreya. I will continue to teach Margaret/Maitreya’s teaching, do readings, counseling and healing in assisting others on their life journey. Just like Maitreya said, if I can touch one soul on the Earth Plane, my life is worthy living. From the bottom of my heart I deeply and sincerely thank Margaret/Maitreya for having changed my life for the betterment of my soul. Without them, I would not become what I am today.