What a blessing it is to have and to know three transchannels in this life, which Margaret is one. Margaret and Maitreya crossed my path through a channelling where I was invited to focus on the Maitreya energy. Little did I know what it was about until, subsequently the following week after the channelling, I found a book written by Margaret (then called Birkin) in Glastonbury (UK). After a first reading by Margaret and much doubt, Margaret and Maitreya became my teachers. The 14 days of intensive personal training were special, but also painful and full of new experiences. What sticks with me is the patience, the never-ending commitment, the always forgiving attitude of Margaret. Over and over again. What a wonderful soul, a special energy, even today. I am delighted the universe gave me the possibility to get acquainted with Margaret and Maitreya. Glad to carry the teachings I received as a student further on, in the inspiration which emanated from my teacher. I express the hope that Margaret and Maitreya in what any energy-form what so ever, may be the guides to support my highest personal development, whether it’s just for myself or with a view to wider dissemination of Maitreya’s message for now and in the future .

Jo (Belgium)