My Teacher Margaret McElroy

What I now want to primarily discuss is my friend and strength teacher Margaret McElroy who passed over July 13th. Margaret has dedicated her life over the past 17 years by sharing energy and messages of the Master Maitreya through letters or videos that have been shared on the Internet. When I first met Margaret it was indeed through the letters she had channeled Maitreya´s energy and shared on their website. I started to read the letters 1999 and then immediately felt how the energy of the Master came through the words I read, it was the first time I felt that kind of energy flowing by a reading text. The healing energy is very strong and comfortable, loving energy that has this mild and soft tone that gives a person a peaceful relaxing feeling and the assurance that everything is as it should be.

Margaret lived in Australia when she began to share the letters on the Internet, she also made videos that were very primitive, but during that time she sat on a simple kitchen collar with a white wall behind herself and shared Maitreya´s energy in a deep trance. It was like everything was a very simple, but the energy in this channeling was absolutely heavenly.

Although I was very attracted to the teaching and messages of Maitreya, it was not until 2006 that I traveled to Seattle to meet Margaret. She had recently moved to Seattle US. The course I took was a healing workshop where she taught energy healing and of course, the energy of Maitreya was very strong on the course as in all the courses taught by Margaret. The first thing that happened when I settled down in this course is that the tears began to flow from me because of all the love and affection I felt in the energy that embraced me.
It was in this first trip to Seattle that I also met a great genius in my life, my beautiful friend Jean Luo that has been the devoted assistant of Margaret over the last 10 years. After this healing course I decided to get permission from Margaret to translate the letters she was channeling for humanity in Icelandic. The letters have been there on my site since 2006, but of course I put them there little by little, because it is a lot of letters and it takes time to translate all of them in my spare time. It was a big step for me to have the courage to ask if I may translate the messages from Maitreya and share them on my website. I had to deal with the fear to ask Margaret and also the obstacle that I was not good enough in English to translate the letters from English to Icelandic. I had to come over this obstacle before I could do this and also the technique to create a website and do all things that have to do so it works.

When I started to translate the letters the energy of Maitreya often became very strong, I felt it strongly when I switched from reading the text I was translating into something else such as news on another website or other reading material. The energy in the channeled text of Maitreya is somehow so white and clean. It was also often uncomfortable to be disturbed by phone calls because I was so sensitive to energies when I was translating the letters that all external earthly energy became so heavy. I remember once I was translating the letters and I was completely in the energy of Maitreya, which was so light and comfortable, but suddenly I felt like the whole world was coming down on my shoulders right after I received a phone call. The call was from a man who was working for one of the country’s political parties, it was amazing to feel so clearly the difference of these two energies.

Another thing I can mention as an example about the energy of Maitreya and the translation of his channeled letters. Sometimes I would go shopping after being in this light, mild, comfortable loving energy and the people in the shop became somehow so completely different to me. They often became so extremely polite and decent and they greeted me with such respect. Of course I did not understand why it was in the beginning, but then I realized that I brought this energy with me to the store and people there could sense it.

I can really tell you that Margaret McElroy has been a great influence in my life. She helped me not only with her channeling, but also with teaching about life itself. She wrote a lot about her life experiences and what she was going through each time. She has no doubt shocked many and some people thought she was a drama queen to tell every detail, but people saw also that she was just dealing with lives issues like any other. She was just experiencing and expressing all the sadness and joy that everybody has to deal with during life. There is no way to be excluded by going through the dark night of the soul even though one is a channel for such a beautiful and loving energy as Maitreya´s energy. Indeed it is so that this mild and soft loving energy causes the pain and what is hidden in the subconscious to come to the surface to be experienced and dealt with.

Margaret and I met again several times, I had more courses with her as well as being in constant touch with her online as in the energy world. She was an invaluable support for me during difficult periods in my life and I will forever be grateful for that. She was present whether it was day or night and even while she was flying from place to place, she always answered my email for assistance in transits stops. Margaret was such a friend, I know that a lot of people around the world remember her as such person. She had so much influence on many. She was so unique and I know she is not gone, but will still remain with us from the other side. Thank you for everything dear Margaret.