Margaret’s passing touched me deeply, and her time on the Earth plane touched me even more. I would not be where I am in my life today with the guidance, compassion and teaching of Margaret McElroy. There are so many memories that I could choose from, and it has been one big amazing journey.

I will never forget the first time I met Margaret it was in June of 2006 when my mom, my sister and myself attended a dinner with Maitreya. At that time, I had never seen anyone channel, and I definitely was quite apprehensive of what I might encounter. However, the moment that Maitreya began speaking through Margaret, my heart was touched with such pure love that I burst into tears. Form that moment on; I knew that there was something more for me than my stressful job. Little did I know at the time that only 3 short years later, I would hold my first channeling session.

Margaret was instrumental in teaching and showing me how to connect with Spirit, and gave me the confidence to do what I am doing today. I am forever grateful for each and every moment she touched my life. Although, I was greatly saddened by the news of her passing, I know that she is excited to work from the world of Spirit and continue with her upliftment of humanity in many new ways. I can see her now, sitting at a table with Maitreya and receiving instruction on how she will continue with her mission from the Other Side. Thank you Margaret, for all that you have helped me with, the amazing work you did while on this planet, and the work you will continue to do for so many more.