This past month the spiritual community lost a very special lady, Margaret McElroy. Margaret devoted most of her life to metaphysical learning and teaching. Those who knew her are now dealing with an emptiness in their hearts that may never fully go away. We rest in the fact that she is back Home now and looking over us from the other side. We’ll remember her sense of humor, her desire to teach others and that she cared enough about humanity to share her life with the public very openly.

As a former student, I owe her so much. I let her know many times how grateful I was for more than once pulling me from preplanned exit points because she knew I had more I needed to accomplish in this life. Without Margaret I may never have written and published 5 books, done numerous drawings and paintings inspired by spirit, or share my love filled compassion with so many who need it.

I would compare Margaret’s life to that of a smooth flat stone skipping across a calm lake. The stone alone is wonderful in itself but when skipped across the water it creates rings of movement that reverberate outward. I don’t think even Margaret realized exactly how many lives she has touched and still will touch by way of her loving family and many students, each grateful in their own way for her presence in their lives.

Her legacy will live on not just through her family but her students as well.

Margaret, I don’t want to say “Good bye” instead I’ll just say, “See you later, my teacher…my friend.”

~Laurie Regan