Thank you Margaret : For your service to others, for channeling Matreya’s wisdom, for being a friend, for being a teacher to me, for being there when I needed instruction on my spiritual journey, for your laughter, for your time, for your naughty naughty humor, for sharing personal story’s from your life both the hard ones and the funny ones, for your wonderful way of seeing the funny sides of things, for racing this earthplane’s vibration. You left a little bit sooner than you told me, but you left exactly like you had bin shown. Your next birth here on earth has already bin decided (by you) . I also know some things are a little bit different from what we thought and talked abut few years ago about this rebirth thing 🙂 You were talking about not coming back into a human body and I was thinkin lucky You and poor me because I thought I would have to be reborn once more. But now we can both laugh and have fun because we know the answer to my big question to you, who I asked you once.

All my love to you Margaret, from your student and spiritual friend Linda Reynisdóttir Miðill/Medium