I was brought up a “C”atholic and whilst I always just knew there was a God and a heaven I was left searching. In 2004 the subjects of metaphysics, reincarnation etc. kept crossing my path in the form of tv programmes, people, books, websites etc. Then in 2007 I read about the ‘Ascended Masters’ – a group of advanced guides who had mastered/ascended/risen above/moved beyond the earth plane. Seeing that a chap named Maitreya seemed to be in-charge I decided to go straight to the “head honcho” and typed his name into a search engine. Margaret’s previous website was the first on the results list; I clicked on it and up popped a lovely photo of a smiling Margaret (with Alan) and I just knew this was ‘it’, this was what I had been searching for. I immediately began reading the teachings on the site and thought “well this is the most sense I’ve ever heard from anyone ever”! The channelling videos were a bit scary at first; in those days it took a little while for Maitreya to come in and Margaret lead back in a reclining chair (for comfort because the energy took such a toll) in a darkened room (so as not to hurt her eyes which could have been damaged with the light at that stage in the process), but as soon as you heard Maitreya speak all your fears went away because it’s always been so kind, loving and wise, there’s never a nasty word about anyone or anything (ever!). I’ve never even heard, or read him say anything even negative (ever!) – tell me where else you get that on the earth plane? I’ve found Abraham to be the only other example. I first had a reading with Margaret and Maitreya at the start of 2008. If you didn’t manage to have one I am genuinely sad for you because nothing ever has, or ever will compare to it. You got the information, oh yes you got the information (it was spot on), but it was the ENERGY, as Margaret said at the time “it’s like popping the cork off a bottle” I would never be the same again, although you also have to do some (or a lot!) of work yourself, as I was to find out!

Margaret’s impact upon the earth plane cannot be underestimated. The energy last time I saw her in person in 2011 when I attended the Masters Course in Seattle was literally RED HOT. It got so hot in the centre that we had to open the windows (in April) and bring in an air conditioning unit. When I last spoke to her on Skype about a month ago I was feeling the energy here in the UK (thousands of miles away from where she was in India at the time) for days afterwards! Think of all the people she helped with that energy and how down to earth and accessible she made it all. The earth plane feels a very weird and foreign place without her. Why has she gone so soon? The energy certainly couldn’t get much more powerful. Perhaps we couldn’t catch up in time for her; she’d been there, done that and bought the t-shirt many times so that people from all walks and ranks of life could relate to her. I just have to trust it was time and of course I know she’s not going anywhere. Perhaps her real work will begin now? . . . However, she stayed long enough for me to reach the stage where I’m ready to take what comes. Her courage was an inspiration. Who else has allowed their whole body to be taken over by another energy and gone away COMPLETELY (however benign and beneficent that energy may be) in this generation anyway? This was a rare soul indeed. Thank you Margaret, now what will you do next? ;)”