Maitreya Wisdom Card #13 – Compromise

The art of compromise is very important for having good relationships with others; whether in a partnership, at your work place, with a friend, in a meeting, a business or anything you do that relates to others. Compromise means that you have consideration for others, knowing that each soul has their own path, their own vibration, their own truth, without interfering in another’s life, belief system or choices. Compromise means that you respect others for who they are and allow others to make their own choices and mistakes to learn and grow from.In the same token, you also take full responsibility for your own life, choices and decision-making. Not only can you share with others without losing your own individuality and equality, but also allow each person to learn and grow from the relationship. This creates a win-win situation.

With this card, Spirit is asking you to truthfully evaluate how you deal with people. Compromise requires an open heart with total acceptance for people whom are having a relationship with. Your dealings must be without the motives of ego, such as manipulation, control and placing demands on others. Compromise requires you to be humble, to admit your faults, mistakes and to not be perfect, and be willing to make effort to improve the relationship, etc. Through learning the art of compromise, you can work through the relationship karma, raise your vibration and become an enlightened being.

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