Maitreya Wisdom Card #26 – Empathy

To truly understand another person and what they are going through, empathy is a necessary trait to possess.Empathy allows you to put yourself in the shoes of another, to learn to understand what they are experiencing, from their perspective. Without empathy, you will not be able to facilitate positive relationships in your life.

Empathy is not sympathy; sympathy is feeling sorry for someone else, whereas empathy is about learning to understand the feelings of another. If you are going to be a spiritual teacher, reader or channel, you must learn how to possess and express empathy. Empathy helps you to remember that each person is in their own illusion, and that each person has chosen their lessons. Instead of looking at someone’s life and telling them that the lessons they have chosen are easy, empathy helps you to understand that their life lessons are just as difficult for them as your lessons are for you.

Many times people will say things such as, “That person has it easy because they have their health,” or they have money, a good marriage, etc.But, empathy helps you to remember that whatever is the hardest lesson for them in their life will still be just as difficult. Since each person is in their own illusion, each person’s challenges will be challenging and each person’s triumphs will be triumphant. However, those challenges and triumphs may involve different topics, situations and people. Empathy helps you to escape the trap of comparison and competition with another, and helps you to look at each person’s life through their own eyes.

This card has been drawn today to urge you to look at things from an empathetic perspective. Instead of focusing on how better or worse your life is when compared to others; learn instead to understand where another person’s challenges and strengths lie. What makes them feel good or bad about themselves? Learn to look at their life from their perspective, and you will also be pleasantly surprised at what you learn about yourself.

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