Maitreya Wisdom Card #49 – Life Lessons

Learning lessons is one of the key components of soul evolution. Soul growth is attained through learning your life lessons. What is a life lesson? A life lesson is where you choose to learn a specific topic, such as, patience, humility, detachment, speaking your truth, letting go of fear, etc. A lesson can be learned with anyone, and souls will keep coming into your life to mirror the lesson for you until it is learned. Once you have learned the lesson, those souls then move out of your energy and the issue is no more! There is a distinct difference between karma and a life lesson; they are not the same.
Each soul has chosen many opportunities to learn in many different ways. The soul alone chooses how many lessons to learn and how to learn them. People in your life are the mirrors and teachers to help you learn your chosen lessons. Lessons can be played out through people, relationships, events, situations and/or surroundings, depending on what you have chosen to learn from. If you run away from one person or a situation, then another will be presented. It is why people often say, “Why do I keep attracting the same kind of person?” or “Why do I keep having the same experiences?” It is because you have not learned what you needed to. For, when you learn the lesson, no more opportunities for learning are presented; the experience is over.
The school of life is not easy; it is not meant to be. You cannot learn while you are in the comfort zone of life. You also need to know that there is only one truth and it is: The lesson, once chosen, must be learned, no matter how long it takes. Often that learning can take many incarnations.
Therefore, whenever you are facing something you do not like in someone or something, see it through and don’t run away. Yes, there could be fear there, but the fear is only an illusion. Many times, once you have faced the situation, you say, “Why was I so afraid?” As you face the issues inside yourself, you then begin to raise your vibration and move closer to the Ultimate Being (God). Face your issues that are being mirrored for you by those around you, stop running away from your life lessons and you will move forward in vibration. You have drawn this card today to urge you to take a look at an issue you are currently facing as one of your life lessons, to face it, and to not run away from the learning.

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