Maitreya Wisdom Card #72 – Silence

Why is it important to have time for silence? How can silence benefit your busy life? In silence, you can listen to the soul part of you. In silence you can speak to God. To be in silence does not mean that you have to sit in silence, stiff and upright, all it means that you need to be aware of the quiet and not be afraid of it.

When you are quiet, you are forced to look at the issues around you. When you are on your spiritual path, silence is a time for the Higher Self to show you what you need to look at. When you are silent, you can see the attributes you most need to work on in their full glory. In silence, you can also allow self-healing to take place. That occurs by the awareness of experiencing deep emotions, such as anger, pain, hurt, frustration, sadness and fear. By crying or releasing this energy, you free your body, mind and spirit from trapped negative energy.

Sitting in silence does not mean that you have to become like a Buddhist monk, unless the soul has chosen to experience that lifestyle and meditate in that way. When you sit, it is time for learning how to quiet the mind. You can read a book, or do another quiet activity in the home. Try going for a walk, but it has to be in silence; talking to no one and listening only to what comes into the consciousness from the soul. As time passes, you will find that your soul starts to speak to you, informing you of what is necessary for your growth. If you have no fear, and allow the messages to come, you will be the recipient of much healing in your life.

In the beginning, sitting in silence can be a hard task, for the Self becomes impatient and will probably want to move around or try to distract you. Ignore this. Instead, concentrate on a beautiful scene, such as walking in a forest of pine trees, or sailing to an island where there is total peace.Make your own scene where you can be still and silent. By doing this on a daily basis you can finally listen to the soul and find peace within.

This card in your reading today is Spirit’s way of asking you to make time for more silence into your life to assist you in your development.

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