Maitreya Wisdom Card #73 – Soul Growth

You are body, mind and spirit. The spiritual part of you is the soul. What is the soul? The soul is the sum total of all you are. It is the past, present, and future – as you know it. It is the Now! The soul resides in your heart, not in your head. Your soul feels, breathes, and experiences life through your Earthly body.

Each soul is a Divine spark on the journey of soul growth. That soul growth takes place through human life experiences on the Earth plane. The soul is the essence in each person that has total compassion and understanding. It is this part that never judges and that has complete understanding of any situation. It is kind and tolerant, and yet it will not stand idle and be walked upon. It will speak its truth quietly and clearly from the heart center when required. The soul is free of ego and completely unbiased. Everyone has this soul essence, but it has to be discovered. When you free yourself of all limitations and conditioning, then you will discover the true soul essence within you – This soul essence is carried in a part of you known as the Higher Self.

It is each soul’s purpose to move forward on its soul evolutionary path. One big step in any soul’s evolution is to free itself from the cycles of incarnation attached to the Earth plane. Your Higher Self will lead you to the teachers, books, and methods necessary for you to free yourself from your Earthly ties. Unfortunately, many times you do not listen to the voice of your Higher Self. You do not listen to the Higher Self because you have another part of you that fears change, and fears moving forward. That part of you is called the Lower Self (or Self). It is attached to the Earth plane, and attached to your emotional body. The Self does not want to see you ascend, because it does not want you to outgrow it. Once you free yourself from the Earth plane, you also free yourself from the Self. The Self will do everything in its power to stop your soul from growing. You – the body and mind – are usually unaware of this.

Once you strive for freedom and seek a higher level of consciousness, there comes a battle between the Lower Self and the Higher Self. The Lower Self is a formidable opponent and is fighting with all its might to stay in control of you. It has been in charge in most of your Earthly lifetimes. It has trapped you through pride, selfishness, greed, ego, fear, anger, hatred, insecurity, jealousy and many more emotions. The Higher Self part of you is unconditional love, truth, selflessness, honesty, compassion, acceptance, respect, understanding, non-prejudice, non-judgment, humility, and many more positive aspects. The Lower Self does not want to give up control. When this happens, ego purification takes place. Eventually, the Higher Self becomes stronger and more in control, and finally the ego – the “I” the part of humanity – finally succumbs to defeat. Only then can you discover true enlightenment and become one with the Divine Source.

The message of this card is to remind you of who you truly are and your “True” soul purpose in this incarnation. Listen to and follow your heart, it will always lead you on your journey of soul growth.

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