Maitreya Wisdom Card #78 – The Creator

Before each soul incarnates on the Earth plane, they choose the many different opportunities for their learning in order to achieve soul growth. Your soul’s purpose is to be the creator of your own reality and to become the master of your own destiny. Every soul is made by the Creator of the Universe as equal, and yet is a unique Divine spark. Everyone comes from, and connects to, the energy of the Ultimate Being and is part of that energy. Everyone carries the essence of the Creator, and everyone is destined to be the creator of their own reality.

Being the creator of your own reality, means that you create your reality in each and every moment. That creation process starts with your thoughts, words, actions and reactions. Whatever your reality is, it is a reflection of what energy is inside of you. There are many reasons why you create certain things in your life, it can be because of working on your karmic debt, learning lessons and/or clearing out the stagnant energy from your soul memory and releasing past life energies.

Every soul on the Earth plane is connected to the Ultimate Being, when they choose to be. However, most individuals do not believe that they are worthy of such a connection and often believe that their connection to the Creator has to come through another person, idol, or energy outside of them. This is not true! You are infinitely and unconditionally loved by God, as is EVERY soul on the Earth plane. Look within and ask yourself why you do not feel that you are worthy of connecting with the energy known as God. Your answer will be from the voice of the Self, who is the manipulator that keeps you in a place of doubt, separation, unworthiness and shame. Learn to give the Self no energy, and you are more able to connect with the Divine within you!

This card has appeared in your reading today to remind you that you are a part of the Creator, the Divine Source, The Ultimate Being, God. Remind yourself of your unlimited potential; for you can do anything that you put your mind to.

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