Maitreya Wisdom Card #88 – You Are Never Alone

Do you realize you are never alone? From the moment you are born, you have a group of souls in Spirit who watch over you and assist you in your daily life. These souls speak to you through your intuition, but often you do not hear them because you doubt that intuition. How many times have you heard a voice, or had a feeling about something, and not followed it, but it turned out to be correct? Not only do you have a Guardian Spirit who is with you from birth, but you also have many other souls (guides and helpers) who also assist you in your life. Many people know these souls as angels, and they are angels, they are very special souls who choose to work with you. It can be very arduous work for them. Many times because of your negativity and negative energy, they have to withdraw and have a rest.

You are never alone, never. Even when you are feeling despair and isolation from people and the world; even when you are in your darkest time! Your Guardian Spirit, your Spirit Guides are with you every moment of every day. When you are down and feeling sad, they are with you. When you are happy and full of life, they are also with you. Going through life’s highs and lows is part of each individual’s journey of spiritual development. You can be at the height of exaltation, so happy and fulfilled, then the next day, feel down and depressed. As the negativity comes to the surface and is cleared away, it can often bring depression. As long as you understand that this is the reason, and ride through it, then you can move forward in your development.

There are always souls from the world of Spirit who are with you. They are watching over you, assisting you with compassion and energy and ready to give you help when you ask.If only you would trust your intuition, you would be able to work with them a lot better, and you will know that you are not alone. However, the Self is constantly working to confuse you, it will tell you it is your imagination, or it is not possible such a thing could happen. Fighting the Self is not easy, but the more you take control and do not let the Self take you over, the more you will raise your vibration and move higher in consciousness.

This card has shown itself in your reading today to remind you that you are never alone. Try to listen to the inner voice; do not have fear about it. Tell your Guardian Spirit you wish to have clearer messages and you will listen more. You will be amazed at what you receive.

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