Words are energy! Do you know that the way you communicate, and what you speak of can make a big difference in your life? Do you realize how much trouble your words can cause? Do you realize that you have the power to create positive or negative realities with what you communicate about? How often have you said words that were unkind or untrue? Most people never think before they speak. They never consider how their words will affect other people. Once words are spoken, they cannot be reclaimed. People have even created new karma in their lives because of the words they say. So much talk is unnecessary, negative and nasty. In relationships especially, words can destroy and devastate. Yes, when you are experiencing emotional pain, you can find it hard to control your words, but unless you change how you communicate, you will continue to keep making the same mistakes. If you want to change the situation for the better, begin with changing your communication with others. The words you use can make a big difference in their impact on others, even creating a completely different outcome.

Think before you speak. Watch your words. Is what you say truly a reflection of your truth? Are you uttering words of comfort, confidence and positive energy? If you find that your answers to one of these questions is, “no,” then it is time to consider making a change. Start today. Learn to speak your truth quietly and clearly, without judgment or criticism of others. Begin by communicating to others with kindness, gratitude and consideration.

Communication is a two-way dialog. In any conversation, whether with Spirit or a person, remember, communicating involves both speaking and listening. You should be aware of not only your words, but also how you listen to what others are saying. Acknowledge the other person’s point of view, and allow them to speak their truth. If what they have said is not in agreement with your truth, simply detach from what they have said. You do not need to agree, but you do need to listen. If you do not agree with what has been said, just move on. There is no need to waste energy justifying yourself.

You also need to be aware of what you are saying each and every moment of the day. Be aware of the words you speak, for those words can manifest. If you say you are without funds and finding it difficult to have money in your life, this will be what you create. Telling the Universe “I am temporarily out of funds;” states; “yes I am out of funds now, but I am waiting for more to come in.” Words such as “I cannot,” or “I do not do that” should not be used, for they carry a strong message to the Universe, replace them with words such as “I will try that” and “I will do that.” You have no idea at all about the impact your words have on what you will create. You ARE the creator of your own reality; change your life by communicating positively with an open heart.

Words are energy; the intention of your communication creates this energy. Everything you think, say, or communicate is energy. What energy are you sending to the Universe? With time and effort on a positive level, you will change your reality, and change your life in the process. It will not happen overnight, but if you have the discipline, it will take place in your life.

Do not expect to change every statement immediately, for it will take time to change all that you say, but you can start one statement at a time, one word at a time. By doing this, your awareness will allow you to recognize exactly what you are doing. Do not feel angry, confused, or guilty because you cannot change immediately or you keep “messing up.” Just keep going forward one step at a time. As you do, you will then make the necessary changes.
When this card appears in your reading, it reminds you to pay attention to your communication with others. Allow yourself to speak your truth, to communicate with others without fear, anger or other “negative” emotions. Instead, communicate with an open heart, and learn to listen what others are trying to say.

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