Criticism has become a part of life on the Earth plane. The whole of humanity tends to react to things with criticism and judgment.This can be seen from individuals and the media, to government and society. Why is this? How many times a day do you criticize something or someone? Why do you do this? You do this because the issue or person you criticize acts as a mirror for you. The Self part of you does not want to see the mirror, because when it looks in that mirror, it sees what it needs to change. In retaliation, the Self ridicules, makes fun of and criticizes, then it runs away from the mirror, so it will not have to face it.

All of these reactions come from conditioning. You are conditioned to react to all that is not to your liking. It starts from your childhood – parents, school, friends, colleagues, culture, government and society, etc. From a very young age, you are taught to judge things as right or wrong, should or should not, good or bad, white or black. If anyone is doing something that is not to your liking, you start to react with judgment and criticism. What you do not know is that everyone who comes into your life is a mirror for you! Every soul has something to show or teach you. You react because you are conditioned to, and because you are not yet spiritually attuned. Once you are spiritually attuned and in alignment with the Higher Self, you will no longer react to criticism, because you realize it is a waste of energy. You will be able to look in the mirrors around you, and see the image without reaction. You will either walk away from what you see with a desire to change it, or you will simply no longer see it, because your own life now involves other things. The Self loves to react. It is the actor within each body on the Earth plane.

This card has shown itself in your reading to encourage you to work on how you handle criticism in your life. The next time you find yourself reacting to something someone says or does, or to something that you see and do not like, just say to yourself: “What a waste of energy to react! Criticism is the Self’s doing”. As you say this, you will find that the energy will dissipate. You will then have energy for other things. The more you react, the more you stay in the old way. Don’t react and you will move into a higher vibration.