Life is a journey; an experience of soul growth.Every day, hundreds of souls who help you with your journey surround you. At times, your own life can seem so heavy and burdensome, yet you choose the experiences and all those who are in your life. You choose your experiences by your birth chart and the choices you make through the experience of living your birth chart. Everything in your life is there for your own learning, and once you can begin to see life as a learning experience, it does not seem so heavy.

If you look upon life as an illusion, a play, or a game, it does not seem so serious. Visualize yourself as an actor on a stage, and life itself as the play, for YOU write the play and create your own entertainment. You are your own critic, and own reviewer, however in an illusion, nothing is real! So how can it be serious?

All of your suffering is chosen. Yes, to many this may seem terrible. And, you may ask yourself, “How can we choose such terrible experiences?” You do not realize that everything is an illusion; it is a learning experience only, it is not real. It SEEMS real, and everything on the Earth plane makes it look real. However, only when you have raised your vibration away from the energy level of day-to-day Earth existence, can you see through the illusion. It is your emotional body, your fear, doubt, insecurity, and other emotions that keep you in the illusion. You think what you have is reality, but in effect it is all an illusion. Only when you come home to the world of Spirit, can you truly recognize that. Do you think we enjoy watching you suffer? Do you think we enjoy watching your pain and your life experiences? No we do not; we feel all that you do and more! We have deep compassion for all who experience pain and suffering, and we do all we can to assist in giving healing and spiritual support to those who need it.

Each one of you has many souls on our side of the veil assisting you in your times of need and suffering. However, we cannot interfere with your destiny, the path of learning you have chosen. Nobody else can be blamed for your life experiences; all was chosen by you before your birth. Look at your astrological birth chart, you will be able to find all you have chosen; your karma, your past lives and your lessons. Once you can accept and understand this, then life itself becomes easier, as there is an understanding of life and destiny. You cannot at this stage see through the illusion, but you will have an understanding of that illusion. That understanding enables you to move forward, and to see through it.

Do not blame anyone else for your problems in life, do not blame the energy you know as God, as so many do. This energy loves you, and knows every soul’s destiny and life path. Once you can control the emotional and mental bodies, you will be able to look within, and discover that all of the answers are there as to the how, why, what and who. We have so much love for you; it is you, however, who often do not have the love for us!

When this card appears in your reading, it is gently showing you that you should not become wrapped up in the hardship and difficulty you are experiencing at this moment. Instead, this card reminds you that what you are experiencing is just an experience for your learning and growth, nothing is real or permanent. It is your choice to make these experiences hard or easy. You are the creator of your own reality. If you let go of fear, doubt, worry, insecurity and simply go with the experience, you will be able to see that it is not as hard as you think. The more you let go of your “negative emotions” and open to the experience, the faster and quicker you learn from it and the sooner you change your life for the betterment of your soul.