“Just do it” is one of the most wonderful ways to manifest your desires and dreams. When life presents you with an opportunity to make your dreams a reality, you should take it without any hesitation; just do it. So many people have visions, dreams, wishes and desires to do something for their own life, but they never fulfill them because the Self finds excuses, such as not having enough money, not having a good education, not being good enough, that nobody believes in them, or fear of failure. These excuses stop you from taking action to make your dreams into reality. When you are not able to fulfill your heart’s desire, you will be unable to find true happiness and satisfaction with your life and yourself.

“Just do it” requires you to have total trust in yourself and in the Universe. You live in the now moment, the past is no more and the future is not yet, the only person is you. You are the creator of your own reality, you are the captain of your own destiny and you are the master of your own life. You, only you, are responsible for fulfilling your hopes and dreams, for creating the life that you desire. Stop waiting and waiting, there will never be a better right moment than the moment of now. As you start to “Just do it” whenever you are inspired by your heart and your intuition, you are able to create something helpful for you and your life. The more you do so, the more you move into new energy, create a new way of living and move forward in vibration.

This card in today’s reading is urging you to let go of your fear and doubt, “Just do it”, then watch the Universe bring all the blessings into your life!